Friday, May 6, 2016

Why Norris Chiropractic-May 2016

May 2016

Hi Everybody Dr. Norris here,

I was recently driving around the valley running some errands, when I noticed how many chiropractic offices there are in the Antelope Valley now. When I moved here in 1985 there were about 8 offices here. In Palmdale, there were 3 offices; and in Lancaster,   5 offices.  Now there are approximately 40 offices, valley wide.

My patients are loyal despite having many options from which to choose. You have blessed me and my family by trusting us with your health care. I appreciate it more than you will ever know

With that said, what separates my practice from those other 39 offices?
Well let me give you three distinctive differences.

While there are many excellent doctors of chiropractic in town, my 35+ years of experience in helping people with painful conditions gives me an advantage.
My experience in athletic training, sports medicine and injury rehabilitation allows me to provide a wide range of services not usually associated with chiropractic care.  In addition I am a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) trained in evaluating Worker's Compensation cases.  During my career I have provided care for high school, collegiate, Olympic and professional athletes as well as thousands of patients seeking relief from pain.

Even though I am a doctor... I am also a patient.  When I go to the doctor there are several things that frustrate me:  trying to get an appointment, doing paperwork and waiting forever to see someone.
So when I opened my current office, I vowed to change things.  In my office you can usually get a same day appointment.  The paperwork is minimal and I don't over book, which keeps your wait short.  There are chiropractic offices in town that have a normal wait time of 30-45 minutes.
At Norris Chiropractic we understand that your time  is valuable.  Most patients are in and out
within a few minutes.

In the Antelope Valley fees for some chiropractic services are as high as $120 a visit.  Because my overhead is low I can offer my office visit for $30.  There are some offices which may offer prices in this range but they demand a prepay plan making you sign-up for multiple visits.  In my office you come in when you need to or want to.  No hard sell.
We also accept many insurance plans including Kaiser, Blue Cross Anthem, Blue Shield and Aetna.

Thank you for choosing Norris Chiropractic.
We appreciate your patronage and will continue to provide quality, affordable health care to the Antelope Valley.

Dr. Michael Norris

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