Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas- Dec 2012

December 2012

Hi Everybody Dr. Norris here.

This year went by so fast... hard to believe it is almost 2013!  Looking back my family and I have been truly blessed this year.  Cindy, Amanda and I went on a cruise in May to the Caribbean.  We snorkeled in the Bahamas and were able to see Miami and Key West for the first time.

I have been able to do some fishing in my spare time.  My wife, Cindy has continued to do mobile notary work and make my home a great place to be.  My daughter, Amanda continues to work for me and has been teaching an art class.  She hopes to be able to expand her teaching next year.

Finally... I've been very blessed by all of the wonderful patients I have been fortunate to see this year.  From long-time friends to new patients you are all a part of my family.  Thank you for trusting your health to me.

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.

Oh... and a mishap free new year...
Because nobody has time for pain!
Dr. Michael Norris
We are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening.  Why?  Gravity and atmospheric pressure compress your body.  With these forces squishing you it actually compresses the discs in your spine causing you to shorten.  After a good night's sleep the discs can regain their height because your body is lying down.  Guyton Physiology

“Be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.” ~ Aristotle