Friday, July 5, 2013

Some Random Thoughts-July 2013

 July 2013

Hi Everybody Dr. Norris Here.

I hope everyone is staying cool.  As I write this we have had 100°+ weather for a week now.  So drink plenty of water and be careful when outside.

This month I want to tell you a few things about my office you may not know.
Treating Children

Young people respond quite well to chiropractic adjustments. Because they don't have the degenerative changes that older people often have. I have adjusted infants as young as two months old. There are specific techniques I use to treat infants, but most kids can be treated the same as adults. And just like adults they respond with increased mobility, balance and feelings of well-being, as well as decreased pain, muscle tension and stress.

The health of children is so important that if a paying parent brings them in I will treat them for free if they are under the age of 12. So let me know if I can help.
Rapid Release

Last month I was taking a continuing education class in San Diego. There was a presentation given on a new technology called Rapid Release. The device is a handheld massager which utilizes a high frequency vibration to treat muscle spasm and soft-tissue scarring.  I bought the machine and the results have been amazing. Patients with chronic tight muscles have reported relief for up to several weeks with a single treatment. Inflammation of tendons and fascia also seems to respond well to this modality.
So let me know if I can help.
Prolonged Postures

With Independence Day earlier this week may of us were watching fireworks. I recall a few years ago looking up watching fireworks high up in the sky. Afterwards my neck was stiff from tilting my head back for a prolonged period of time. So yes I went and saw a chiropractor friend who fixed me. It's not uncommon that prolonged postures produce painful joints and muscles. Sitting at a computer for hours is one of those tasks which causes pain. Working in an awkward position, performing repetitive activities and driving long distances can all cause spine pain. Chiropractic care is very effective in fixing these kinds of problems.
So let me know if I can help. That's what I do... help people get out of pain.

“Because nobody has time for pain!”

Dr. Michael Norris

Why does it hurt?

Often, tissue fatigue is the answer. Overuse of muscles and soft tissues from repetitive motion can cause small micro-tears. At a certain point, the tissue simply fails.
It is then prone to inflammation and tightness, which causes pain.  

Journal of Chiropractic, Feb 2013.

 “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; 

  nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”
~ Thomas Jefferson