Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Immune System Part 2- Feb 2013

How Important
Is Your Immune System?

Part 2
February 2013

Hello Everybody Dr. Norris Here.

This is part 2 of my newsletter on your immune system.  If you missed part 1 you can go to my website at and archive the newsletter page.  In part 1 I told you about the drug resistant bacteria which is invading America.  Your immune system is the first and only defense against these types of bugs.  With that said the answer to the above question is... VERY IMPORTANT.

It's ironic that the most common place people catch these pathogens, is in the hospital.  Over 100,000 people a year contract a fatal infection while in a hospital.  They are admitted with some medical problem expecting treatment and instead they get sicker and eventually die. If you can... avoid hospitals.
If you can't... wash or disinfect your hands often.

Another factor affecting our immune system is what we ingest.  Deciding what to eat and drink either boosts our immune system or it hinders it.  Healthy eating decisions like fresh vegetables, fruit and grains are good choices.  Junk food and soda not good.
Any food rich in nutrients will enhance
immune system function.

Other things we ingest such as tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs will also suppress your body's natural resistance.   Smokers have a high incidence of bronchial and lung infections.  It is well documented that alcohol and drug abusers are much more susceptible to illness and disease.

Even properly prescribed medications many have side-effects.  If you open a box of medication there is usually a full page of cautionary side-effects.  Television commercials for medications are just as bad.  They have 10 seconds about the benefits and 50 seconds about the potential problems.  My advice is to use as little medication as possible.

Finally a word about vitamins, whole food and herbal supplements.  Years ago most physicians did not believe supplements were necessary.  After 40 years of study and research the evidence indicates that people who use multivitamins are healthier and have a longer life-span.  If nutritious foods can help your immune system, I believe it makes sense that vitamins and supplement use can also give a boost to your immune system.

So be proactive, avoid medications, make good choices, use supplements responsibly
and keep your family healthy.
In two weeks more on your immune system.  
Dr. Michael Norris
An estimated 27,000 people a year die
from accidental drug overdoses in the U.S.,
one death every 19 minutes.
Pratt L. Brody DJ, Gu, 2000-2008.

“Decision is still the best remedy for indecision.
~ John Demartini

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Immune System Part 1- Feb 2013

How Important
Is Your Immune System?

Part 1

February 2013

Hello Everybody Dr. Norris Here.

You may have heard about the drug resistant bacteria which is invading America.  There are some bacteria which cannot be treated.  They can cause severe symptoms and sometimes death.  Physicians are also reluctant to treat some viral infections because they are usually resistant to medications.  This seems like science fiction, but it is real!  So what can we do?  Well that brings me to the question in the title of this newsletter.  Your immune system is the first and only defense against these pathogens.  With that said the answer to the above question is... VERY IMPORTANT.

Over the next two months this newsletter will address the factors which decrease immunity and those factors which enhance it.  Because of the amount if information I need to give you, I will send this newsletter every two weeks instead of monthly.

Taber's Medical Dictionary defines immunity as:
The state of being protected from acquiring a disease. The response of the body in resisting pathogens.
To put is simply have you ever wondered why some people get the flu and others don't?  Even when an entire family is exposed to it, some will get sick and others won't.  Our ability to fight off the flu virus is dependent on our immune system.  Some factors are out of our control.  The very young and the very old have less immunity.  Those of us who are already sick will have a suppressed immune system.
But for everyone else there are factors we control which can boost our protection.

These factors fall into four categories:
  1. External Factors- Environment and our response to it,
  2. Input- What we ingest.
  3. Output- The activities we do.
  4. System Function- Your body’s functional capacity.

My intention is not to scare everyone into thinking that monsters are coming to get us.  Hopefully you can be proactive and keep your family healthy.

For the time being here are some facts to remember.  Pathogens include; bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.  We "catch" these bugs from exposure with people and environment.  The black plague was spread by rats that had fleas which were biting humans.  People who lived where there were no fleas, seldom got sick.  The most common place people are exposed to the drug resistant bacteria is at hospitals and medical clinics.  So if you if you have to go there refrain from touching anything or anyone.
Use antibacterial soap and sanitizers.  Avoid touching your face and especially your eyes.  Those areas provide direct access into your body.  After you leave wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water.
In two weeks, more on your immune system.  
Dr. Michael Norris

Health Update:
Recent research shows that people who started exercise by age 40 were healthier into old age than people who never started exercising.
-Cooper Institute, Dallas, 2012.
Quote Of The Month:
“The best kind of feedback you can offer is positive.”
~ John Demartini