Friday, October 7, 2011


Hi Everyone, Dr. Norris here.

Just like auto mechanics, politicians and lawyers… some are better than others.  Sometimes we have to learn the hard way… by trial and error.  Medical doctors and chiropractors are the same.  There are some very good health-care professionals here in the Antelope Valley and unfortunately there are some bad ones.  With that said I have a question for you.

If you could afford the best health care available whom and what would you choose? 

From practical experience I can tell you that the most expensive and the most popular may not always be the best.  Otherwise the New York Yankees would win the World Series every year.  They have won 27 times, but not every year.

If we look at those people for whom money is not an issue… chiropractic health care is often the choice.  Professional athletes, actors and celebrities can afford any kind of care, but statistics show they choose chiropractic.  Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith and Cal Ripken all see their doctors for regular chiropractic treatments.  They have commented that it prolonged their careers. NBA superstar Kobe Bryant said “I think chiropractic adjustments have helped me get through the long basketball season without a lot of injuries.”

Approximately 31% of NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff and 39% of all Division I athletes said they use chiropractic either to get into top shape or to stay there. Many say chiropractic helps them to get into top physical shape without the use of drugs. Sean Atkins, PhD, Exercise Physiologist stated "I would estimate that in excess of 90% of all world-class athletes use chiropractic care to prevent injuries and to increase their performance potential."

The television show Dancing With The Stars has a doctor of Chiropractic on staff for the performers.  The Professional Golf Association, the U.S. Olympic Association and the Professional Rodeo Circuit have chiropractors on staff.

In 1984 I was working with the Olympic water polo team when I meet Terry Schroeder the team captain of the silver medal team.  He was so impressed by the profession that he became a chiropractor and now practices in Calabasas, CA.

Other chiropractic regulars include Warren Beatty, James Earl Jones, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson, Julie Andrews, Jane Seymour, and Mel Gibson.

Kevin Jonas, Sr.- Manager of Jonas Brothers states... "Chiropractic care promotes a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. I have found, with regular chiropractic care, our family stays healthier and sleeps better. We are more relaxed and stress is easily overcome."

No one would claim celebrities have all the answers. However, it would seem that with all the options celebrity affords them, the fact they seek chiropractic care to meet their health-care needs says something about the value of chiropractic for optimum health!

I am very honored that you have choose me as your chiropractor of choice.
I promise to provide you the best health care available.  I hope to see you soon.
“Because you don’t have time for pain!”

To your health
Dr. Michael Norris

P.S.- Sorry Red Sox fans… even the New York Yankees have a chiropractor on their staff.


Pain as your health guide?
“Only 10% of our nervous system perceives pain.”  The rest of your nervous system is busy monitoring, controlling and communicating, back and forth from your brain to your body.  So how do you know if it is functioning properly?  Chiropractic enhances proper spinal motion and proper spinal motion can help maximize nervous system function.  Grays Anatomy

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.