Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi there… again!

Hi Everyone, Dr. Norris here.

I hope you are having a great summer.  It ends officially September 23rd.  So do something fun.

We have been making some changes at Norris Chiropractic.  This newsletter is new.  I will be sending it out to all of you each month.  It is shorter but will be filled with information about my office, your health and healthcare in general.  If you no longer want to receive this newsletter you can use the opt-out option contained in this email.  The newsletter will not be snail-mailed through the post office unless you specifically ask for it.  This saves us a considerable expense… and that helps us keep our fees low.  If you check around the Antelope Valley you will find that Norris Chiropractic has the lowest fees for chiropractic care without cutting back our services.

We also have a new website.   
Check it out at:
This newsletter and a blog will be available at the site.  
Please don’t laugh at my picture... I was born this way.   

I would like to thank David Kraemer at DK designs for his help in setting up the site.  David is a patient of mine and he does great work.  If you need website help let me know, I can give you a referral.

I would like to welcome my daughter Amanda to Norris Chiropractic.  She is working three days a week helping me with this newsletter and keeping me out of trouble.

We have some more changes coming.  I will keep you updated.

As always we will be here every week for appointments if you need our services.

“Because you don’t have time for pain!”

To your health,
Dr. Michael Norris


Do those funny looking toning shoes really help?
Can a pair of shoes help burn more calories, tone your bottom and easy joint pain?  These shoes have an unstable, strongly curved sole.  Walking in them is like exercising on a balance or wobble board at the gym.  Advocates say the instability forces you to use muscles you otherwise would not use (namely those in your feet, legs, rear-end and abs), possibly resulting in weight loss.  The shoes can also change posture and gait taking pressure off of achy, overused joints.


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