Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Immune System Part 3- March 2013

How Important Is Your Immune System? 
Part 3 
March 2013

Hello Everybody Dr. Norris Here. 

This is part 3 of my newsletter on your immune system.  If you missed Part 1 or 2 you can go to my website at and archive the newsletter page.  In Part 1, I told you about the drug resistant bacteria which is invading America.  Your immune system is the first and only defense against these types of bugs.  Our environment can cause our immunity to illness to be decreased.  Where we go, the people we come in contact with and the pathogens we are exposed to, all affect us.  In Part 2, we discussed the affects of what we ingest; healthy food versus bad food choices.  Smoking, alcohol and drugs have side effects, which can suppress our body's ability to tolerate illness.  So the answer to the question above is... your immune system is VERY IMPORTANT.

The activity we do obviously has impact on your body.  People who exercise are not as likely to get sick; and when they do get sick the symptoms are milder and shorter in duration.  This is because the fit person's body functions at a higher level.  Respiratory and circulatory function is better.  There are typically more white blood cells.  These factors allow us to fight-off microbes more efficiently.  But beware: more is not always better.  There is a point where too much exercise begins to decrease our immune system.  That is why rest and sleep is necessary.  You may have heard of the old saying "Don't burn the candle on both ends."  If we deprive our bodies of rest and sleep we open ourselves up to possibly getting sick.  6 to 8 hours of sleep per night is recommended to stay healthy.

Finally, the last component to keeping your immune system functioning properly is proper nerve function.  Think about this for a second... 90% of the functions that you body performs are controlled and regulated by your nervous system.  Breathing, heartbeat, digestion and brain function are all regulated by nerves.  The organs which support your immune system such as; the spleen, liver, kidneys and your skin are all controlled and regulated by the nervous system.  Therefore, keeping your nerves healthy and free from interference is essential.  The nerves can be irritated, inflamed and pinched by misaligned joints especially in your spine.  Chiropractic doctors are specifically trained to find and release misaligned joints, removing pressure on the nerves, thereby allowing a fully functional nervous system and enhanced immune system function. 

So be proactive, avoid sick people, wash hands, make good choices in what you put into your body, exercise, get adequate rest and periodically see your chiropractor.  All these things give you the best chance for immunity from disease. 
Dr. Michael Norris

The oldest person to ever run a full 26 mile marathon is 100 year old Fauja Singh.  In 2011 he finished the Toronto Marathon in 8 hours and 25 minutes.  Parade Magazine, 01/ 27/ 2013.

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